Hriday Vaid

Hriday Vaid

Sponsorship Management Director

Hriday is in his third year of the Queen’s Commerce program and currently serves as the Sponsorship Management Director for QFAC 2018. Previously, Hriday served as a Sponsorship Coordinator in 2017.

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Hriday earned the International Baccalaureate from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School where he was a finalist in the DECA business competition, finance executive for non-profits with donations over $5,000, and an award-winner for a global economics music video competition.

Hriday is currently in his second year in the Commerce program at the Smith School of Business. Last year, he was delegated as the intern to the Chief Financial Officer of the Commerce Society where he assisted the CFO in decision-making for revising operational expenses while budgeting ~$250,000 in student fees and revenues. Last summer, Hriday took initiative to co-found an automotive wholesaler company to execute dealer consignment and access a $300,000 inventory financing guarantee from AFCDealer to practice inventory sellout valued over $130,000 to independent automotive dealers across the GTA.

Aside from academics, Hriday enjoys travelling, keeping up with the music industry, and weightlifting. He is looking forward to another exciting year with QFAC in 2018.

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