Oliver Korman

Oliver Korman

Sponsorship Coordinator


Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Oliver Korman is in his second year at the Smith School of Business. He is excited for his new role as a Sponsorship Coordinator for QFAC 2018w.

This previous summer, Oliver spent his time learning to code in JavaScript and in HTML. While also learning, he worked for Ecometric Research building their new website and creating an app that tests the field workers cognitive ability. To further explore his interest in the financial markets, Oliver is enrolled in the Investment Banking Prep class where he is taught how to build financial models such as DCF’s, and LBO’s. At Queen’s he hopes to explore the options on how to combine his computer science knowledge with the finance industry.

Oliver is an avid athlete and musician. He has been heavily involved in a number of sports including rugby, and hockey. He has played classical guitar and viola since the age of 7, has won numerous awards (provincial, national, and RCM), and a summer scholarship to the Berklee School of Music.

Oliver is thrilled to be part of QFAC 2018 because he believes that learning about the world of finance is the most exciting and fast paced part of business school.
Contact him at oliver.korman@qfac.ca